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Oricom Care170

A Care 170 SOS emergency corded phone

  • Help is only a button press away
  • At home or in the garden
  • 24 hours a day
  • No ongoing monitoring fees











DM2 Wireless door      monitor

A door monitor with a portable wireless receiver for domestic situations

  • Portable receiver with a selectable High/Low volume control switch.
  • Battery operated with low stand-by power consumption.
  • On/Off switch for door sensing.
  • Red light on door monitor to indicate when transmitting.
  • Easy installation.
  • No wiring required.
  • Operating range of up to 30 meters.
  • Batteries are included.
The DM2 wireless door monitor comprises a transmitter unit with a reed switch and magnet. The remote receiver is designed to receive calls from the transmitter unit. The receiver unit may be used as a portable or fixed device. Installation instructions are included with each unit.


Durable and reliable
  •  All metal construction, padded backstop and easy to read dials
  • Superior side access key compartment that is much harder to break into
  • No front cover to fall off or get lost
  • Change your code at any time. With easy to read dials you'll enter the right code the first time every time
More secure
  • The ShurLok has a 4 dial lock with 10,000 possible combinations. Competing 3 dial lockboxes only allow 1,000 codes.
  • Four rolling dials provide true 4 digit encoding for 10,000 combinations. You must enter the numbers in the right order. Compare that to punch button lock boxes that let you enter a code in any order (1-2-3-4 opens up at 4-3-2-1, 2-3-1-4, etc...) and you’ll agree that ShurLok offers superior security.
  • A patented feature allows one code to open the key storage compartment and a second code, which you retain, secures the shackle.

Key safe

Push button key safe with rubber cover
  • Has ten buttons for security.
  • Key store allows you to give access to selected people or take it away by changing the combination.
  • Fixable to walls.
  • Fix to internal or external walls.
  • Simple to change the combination.
  • Weather proof rubber cover.
  • 2 piece cast alloy body.

Remote alert

Just plug in the main unit and help will just a button press away
  • simple and effective
  • consists of a main alarm unit and a pendant
  • effective way to get help from carers or co-workers in the vicinity